peace sunrise

Striving, Grasping…and Peace

The American culture is predicated on striving. Striving to reach the next highest level of achievement. Striving to make more money. Striving to buy a home. Striving to be a better you. Striving to have the perfect relationship. Striving to be the perfect worker, boss, mother, father, brother, sister, etc. If we keep wanting, grasping,…


Everything You Want Is Downstream

There are a number of variations of the River of Life parable, used in religious teachings, life coaching, business trainings, etc.—all didactic in nature, illustrating an instructive lesson or principle. I find the essence of this parable especially insightful, not only on a personal level, but in my work as a leadership consultant. Here is…

Frequency of Joy

There is a frequency of joy that is always there. That is available to everyone all the time. We sometimes get a glimpse of it when we see the sun rise or set. When we see our children laugh and smile. When we are in awe of nature. When we glow from being in the flow of doing what we do best, naturally, easily. A special moment, celebration, achievement. A sense of inner peace or stillness.