ELA Virtual Talks: Leading Through Change

In this ELA Virtual Talks Webinar, Eileen Hahn and Jason Poole talk about leading through change during COVID-19. Jason Poole is a highly accomplished Franchisee of multiple high performing Express Employment Processionals offices. Eileen Hahn shares her Six-Step Model to lead through change during COVID-19. Together, Eileen and Jason share tips, resources, and best practices…

Your Empowered Presence Podcast: How To Reach More People & Tap Into the Skill Sets, Philosophies & Expertise of the People You’re Collaborating With

On this bonus episode of The Empowered Publicity Podcast, Eileen Hahn and Amanda Berlin talk about how the power of relationships within your team and in growing your business. They also discuss how you can reach more people and tap into the skill sets, philosophies and expertise of the people you collaborate with.