A Well-Designed Business

The Power Talk Friday Experts, Vol.1, Vol.2

By LuAnn Nigara and Chapters by Eileen Hahn

A Well-Designed Business: The Power Talk Friday Experts 
By LuAnn Nigara and Chapter 7 by Eileen Hahn

Staffing Your Interior Design Firm, One Exceptional Employee at a Time  (Eileen Hahn Chapter)

If you want to a grow a business, you need an exceptional staff. Thinking about how to staff a growing business can be daunting. There are too many variables and people. Where do you find them? How do you train them? What to do?

In this chapter, you’ll discover how to hire, train, develop, and lead one single extraordinary person well, and how t use that understanding to grow your business to the size it deserves. Whether this is your first employee or you already have a staff of twelve, twenty, or more, focus on just one person. It starts with leading one exceptional person well.

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Praise for Volume 1

Great Treasure Trove of Information

“I was especially intrigued by Eileen Hahn’s chapter on ‘Staffing Your Interior Design Firm, One Exceptional Employee at a Time.'” Building and running a business requires great employees…so I loved Eileen’s take on getting the best: the exceptional!”

– Lorie H.

A Tool That Has Helped Me Run My Business

“Seriously, The Power Talk Friday Experts has helped me run my business! There are so many valuable tools to digest within these 236 pages, you will be jumping with joy! I have to keep ordering additional copies so that I can keep passing them along to my friends!”

– Tana by Design

Designer Resource

“As an interior designer & business owner, I highly recommend this book as a wonderful business resource. If you are new in the business, what a tool & gift! If you are seasoned, the advice is on point, relevant, and gets those design/business wheels turning. I would loan out my book, but I want to keep it to reference, it’s that helpful!

– Greyhunt Interiors

A Well-Designed Business: The Power Talk Friday Experts Volume 2 
By LuAnn Nigara and Chapter 9 by Eileen Hahn

How to Grow and Scale Your Design Firm  (Eileen Hahn Chapter)

In my 25 years of leadership consulting, I’ve discovered six crucial principles of thriving businesses and have seen how those fundamentals work to eliminate certain repetitive issues that surface in a variety of different businesses. The methodologies are time-tested, best practices for design firms, small entrepreneurial businesses as well as Fortune 500 organizations. The spectrum of highly successful businesses has these fundamentals in place; they are part of the daily operating procedure, business cycle, and culture.

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  • Several translations

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Praise for Volume 2

Must Read for Interior Designers Looking to Level Up

“I have met several of the co-authors in person or have enlisted their services, including Sara Lynn Brennan, Sandra Funk, Eileen Hahn, and Jamie Lieberman, so I can attest that these ladies know their stuff. Great book for new interior design business owners and seasoned designers alike!”

– Jillian Frances

Want to Increase Life and Biz Satisfaction?

“Whether you are a veteran or a #babydesigner, this book (and vol 1) will help you get where you want/need to go. This is a book written by seasoned professionals in the interior design industry or who support designers (think attorneys, CPAs, etc). It’s a good day when I can find such valuable ‘how-to’ specifically for my profession.”

– Vanessa Redford

A Must-Read!

“I am currently reading this book. Thankfully I am not wearing any socks as they would be blown off. This book is choked full of GREAT information. While I am not an avid reader, I canNOT stop reading the book. As I am halfway through it, I will finish just in time to backtrack and read the two earlier books—A Well Designed Business, Volume 1 and Power Talk Friday’s.

– Richard Hensen

About Eileen

Eileen Hahn is an expert at hiring exceptional people, leading with love to nurture and retain staff, and helping people land the job they were born to do that brings them joy. She has worked with organizational leaders for the past 25 years to hire extraordinary employees who bring fire and energy to the business in firms like Anheuser-Busch, Ericsson Worldwide, General Motors, Pfizer, Sea World, LEGOLAND, and the San Diego Padres. Eileen’s work improved productivity, profitability, and employee work passion. Eileen has also studied Eastern and Western psychology, yogic meditation, and philosophy in the U.S. and India. Her mission is for all people to live and work in joy.

Want to Read More by Eileen?

Eileen’s wish for you is joy. If you want a state of positive well-being, creativity, and stillness then you might be interested in one of her other books. Eileen Hahn currently is featured in two books and has two books due by the end of 2021. Click the link to view other books by Eileen Hahn.