Core Components of an Exceptional Job Description

Are your employees performing up to your expectations? Do you wish they knew what exceptional performance looked like?

Each Job Description Includes:

  • Job Summary
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Essential Job Functions
  • Key Tasks
  • What Does Exceptional Work Look Like
  • Job Requirements
  • Technical and Performance Skills
  • Working Conditions

A Roadmap for Success

Each job description provides clear expectations of the duties and responsibilities of the job. It defines what exceptional work looks like and how performance will be evaluated. It can also be used to orient, train, develop, and coach your staff.

Design Assistant Job Description


Job description for a Design Assistant with extraordinary technical design skills, produces timely, accurate work, and masterfully tracks and monitors projects to completion.

Office Administrator Job Description


Job description for an Office Administrator who anticipates your needs, is masterful in getting a high volume of work done accurately and on time, and provides legendary customer service.

Office Manager Job Description


Job description for an Office Manager who manages all the administrative details of the office masterfully, your clients love them, and nothing falls through the cracks.

Marketing Associate Job Description


Job description for a Marketing Associate who builds brand awareness, engages the audience with the brand, and increases company revenue and following while maintaining a highly respected and valued brand.

Principal Job Description


Job description for a Principal who is highly profitable, exceeds client expectations, has passionate, pro-active, highly productive employees who love their job and team.

Need some extra guidance?

If you would like some additional guidance on how to optimize your current employees using these job descriptions or how to hire someone to fill one of these roles, don’t worry. Eileen is offering an exclusive discounted hour of consulting as a purchase add-on, giving you the confidence you need to implement your job descriptions. Each session is customized to your unique business, setting you and your employees up to thrive!

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