Onboarding Toolkit


Make your onboarding process and time with your new employee a priority and it will pay off in innumerable ways for you and your business.


Successful onboarding includes a positive, inspiring, motivational welcoming, acclimation, integration, development, love, and care of a new team member so they feel fully a part of the team, aligned with the company vision, values, and culture. Employees are then excited to go to work each day and bring positive energy, vitality, and productivity to your business.

Each Onboarding Toolkit includes:

  • 10 Onboarding Best Practices
  • New Hire Training Model
  • 90-Day Performance Review
  • Offer Letter
  • New Team Member Introduction Email
  • Company Values and Culture
  • Team Norms
  • Job Description
  • Weekly 1-1 Meeting Agenda
  • 8 Ways to Show Your Employees You Care