Team Optimization




Team Optimization Package: $3,500

For leaders interested in:

  • Having the right people in the right role to move the business forward
  • Ensuring each person is in a role that utilizes their super powers
  • Optimizing employee performance in each role
  • Determining what is the next position(s) to hire to scale my business

The Process:

  • Step 1: Initial conversation to discuss company goals, challenges, current staff
  • Step 2: Leader provides job descriptions, performance reviews, current staff’s resumes
  • Step 3: Behavioral assessments are administered to the team to gain insight into team members’ skills, strengths, and natural work style preferences
  • Step 4: Review each team member and discuss their role, performance, behavioral profile and optimal fit within the organization. Suggestions will be provided regarding leadership support and action steps to maximize team member effectiveness. Coaching on performance improvement will be discussed as needed
  • Step 5: Leader will take action based on next steps discussed in step 4
  • Step 6: Leader and consultant will have two follow up discussions regarding positive changes, progress, and challenges with the team