Leadership Coaching for Design Professionals

Do you struggle with…

  • Hiring and retaining employees?
  • Employees not living up to your expectations, or their potential?
  • Creating a high-performing team that works together to achieve goals?
  • Leading employees in a positive, effective manner?
  • Delegating work to achieve greater efficiencies and productivity?

Do you want…

  • To feel clear, organized, and more confident about your strengths and your leadership?
  • To maximize your team’s strengths to reach your goals?
  • Higher levels of performance, financial results, teamwork, and employee work passion?
  • To feel JOY in what you do?
Hiring Toolkits

Save time and hire with confidence!

Each Interior Design Firm Hiring Toolkit contains everything you need to hire your next exceptional employee.

Hiring Toolkits available for:

  • Interior Designer
  • Design Assistant
  • Expeditor/Purchaser
  • Bookkeeper
  • Office Administrator

Each Hiring Toolkit includes:

  1. Job description
  2. Job post
  3. Phone screen
  4. Interview guide
  5. Assessments
  6. Rating form
  7. Reference check
Hiring Package

Hiring Package: $8,000 to present 1-3 qualified candidates for a position

For principals interested in:

  • Eliminating time spent posting ads, screening resumés, and conducting initial phone screens
  • Defining the position and skills needed to make their business a success
  • Hiring an exceptional employee whose natural talents match the job
  • Hiring an employee meant for the job who brings fire and passion to the business, and ignites the rest of the team to perform at a higher level

The Hiring Process

  • Step 1: Create a detailed job description
  • Step 2: Post Job (job posting costs billed to client)
  • Step 3: Screen resumes
  • Step 4: Profile candidates
  • Step 5: Video interviews that employers review
  • Step 6: Present top candidates to Principal
  • Step 7: Principal interviews candidates
  • Step 8: Consult on final candidate and offer
  • Step 9: Reference check

Contract expires in 45 days.

Design Team Optimization

Design Team Optimization Package: $3,500

For designers interested in:

  • Having the right people in the right role to move the business forward
  • Ensuring each person is in a role that utilizes their super powers
  • Optimizing employee performance in each role
  • Determining what is the next position(s) to hire to scale my business

The Process:

  • Step 1: Initial conversation to discuss company goals, challenges, current staff
  • Step 2: Designer provides job descriptions, performance reviews, current staff’s resumes
  • Step 3: Behavioral assessments are administered to the team to gain insight into team members’ skills, strengths, and natural work style preferences
  • Step 4: Review each team member and discuss their role, performance, behavioral profile and optimal fit within the organization. Suggestions will be provided regarding leadership support and action steps to maximize team member effectiveness. Coaching on performance improvement will be discussed as needed
  • Step 5: Leader will take action based on next steps discussed in step 4
  • Step 6: Leader and consultant will have two follow up discussions regarding positive changes, progress, and challenges with the team
Strategic Planning Retreat Options
with LuAnn Nigara & Eileen Hahn

LuAnn and Eileen will work with you and your team to focus on the areas that will provide the greatest return:

For designers interested in:
  • Setting or redefining the company vision, mission, and values with their team
  • Defining the culture, norms, and expectations of the team
  • Building a cohesive team that works together and supports each other to achieve the vision and goals
  • Analyzing the business so you can set meaningful goals and create action plans to achieve them
  • An infusion of new creative thinking and strategic approaches to business

The Process

  • Step 1: Pre-Retreat
    Data Gathering & Planning
  • Step 2: One- or Two-Day Retreat
    Off-site retreat with specific agenda to meet your goals: business analysis, SWOT analysis, visioning, goal setting, team development, etc. Our mission is to shine a light on your big goals and put the structure in place to meet them.
  • Step 3: Follow-up Calls/Meeting
    to ensure success!

Let’s establish a plan that works for YOU!

(Retreat location and cost to be determined based on your needs, goals, and budget.)

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Leadership Coaching Available

$625 an hour

5 hours discounted for $2,800

“I have a great love, admiration, and appreciation for the beautiful work designers achieve in creating sacred spaces for people to live and work in joy.”

— Eileen Hahn

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