ELA Virtual Talks: Leading Through Change

In this ELA Virtual Talks Webinar, Eileen Hahn and Jason Poole talk about leading through change during COVID-19. Jason Poole is a highly accomplished Franchisee of multiple high performing Express Employment Processionals offices. Eileen Hahn shares her Six-Step Model to lead through change during COVID-19. Together, Eileen and Jason share tips, resources, and best practices to help leaders and businesses thrive during this challenging time.

Watch the ExpressTalks webinar on The Modern Employee Experience.

ExpressTalks Webinar: Where Employers are Missing the Mark with Retention

In this ExpressTalks, Eileen Hahn will discuss, who the modern-day employee is, what employees are looking for from a job, a boss, and employer, where employers are missing the mark, and the six things you can do to attract and retain exceptional people.

Watch the ExpressTalks webinar on The Modern Employee Experience.

8 Steps to Lead Remotely During COVID-19

Eileen Hahn joins the speaker line up for 19 Hours: A Virtual Design Conference. This unprecedented time in our lives requires leaders to lead in a new way—remotely. This presents leaders with a unique set of challenges to ensure that their employees stay engaged, united, and energized. And, it also requires leaders to have greater compassion.

The absence of direction, structure, and communication can cause employees to flounder and disengage.Clear direction, compassion, and communication of goals and priorities, based on today’s circumstances, are vital to ensuring that employees remain confident, and vested in their leaders.

This session will provide 8 Steps leaders can take to successfully lead their team remotely.