Bubbling with Joy

It is amazing how the more time you spend in joy, the more joyful life becomes. I have talked about how you can tap into joy at any time (see my blog Frequency of Joy), but what I have discovered over the last six months is that the more time you spend in joy, the more joy naturally emerges. I have always had a natural inclination for joy but now it has become a pervasive state of consciousness. I am bubbling with joy and I hope you will join me.

Frequency of Joy

There is a frequency of joy that is always there. That is available to everyone all the time. We sometimes get a glimpse of it when we see the sun rise or set. When we see our children laugh and smile. When we are in awe of nature. When we glow from being in the flow of doing what we do best, naturally, easily. A special moment, celebration, achievement. A sense of inner peace or stillness.