Frequency of Joy

There is a frequency of joy that is always there. That is available to everyone all the time. We sometimes get a glimpse of it when we see the sun rise or set. When we see our children laugh and smile. When we are in awe of nature. When we glow from being in the flow, doing what we do best, naturally, easily. A special moment, celebration, or achievement.    

I thought it was something that came once in a while. One of those special moments in life you hoped would last or come again soon. Instead I learned it is always there. Always available to us. In darkness and in light. Regardless of our life situation or current emotions or circumstances it is there.

I first heard of joy as a frequency when I read that people deep in depression can still find joy. I thought if they could find joy in depression I can too. But where is it and how do I access it?

I learned that joy is easy to find as you awaken each morning. It can be accessed in the moment between sleep and the light of the new day. There is a special place or dimension that is not far from our connection to the source. The source of all love and joy in the universe.

I began to look for it each morning when I awoke. I woke with an inner feeling of well-being. Joy was in my belly and tingled throughout my body. I would lay for a moment in bed feeling the joy. Each morning I awaken half asleep and half awake and feel joy. Most days it faithfully appears. When it’s doesn’t I breathe in through my nose and take a breath. It enters through my nose, throat, lungs, chest, into my belly and moves to all the extremities of my body. My heart opens. The joy then floats outside my body and connects to the energy in the universe. 

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Bubbling with Joy

It is amazing how the more time you spend in joy, the more joyful life becomes. I have talked about how you can tap into joy at any time (see my blog Frequency of Joy), but what I have discovered over the last six months is that the more time you spend in joy, the more joy naturally emerges. I have always had a natural inclination for joy but now it has become a pervasive state of consciousness. I am bubbling with joy and I hope you will join me.

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Key Performance Indicators – Your North Star

Key Performance Indicators are as important to success in our personal life as they are in our professional life. Having a personal vision and specific KPIs (measures that will best assess personal goals) can be highly beneficial in providing valuable guidance— especially when the course ahead is murky or unknown.

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If You’re Waiting for a Sign — This is it!

Often, we desperately wait for signs that will give us powerful guidance about the “right” path to take. Many times, we don’t bank on the fact that the “signs” come in moments of upheaval and disruption. We want the “nudge” to feel undeniably clear—without taking us all the way out of our comfort zone.

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Hold the Torch…Light the Way

You might be asking yourself, “How can I possibly hold the torch when I’m surrounded by the darkness of the unknown?” This is where I think it’s useful to act “as if.” What if you acted as if this were the biggest task you could take on?

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emerge stronger

Innovate, Transform, and Emerge Stronger

We have been experiencing a global, historic discontinuity over the last two months. It has forced us to react quickly, and adapt to and cope with major shifts in our personal and professional lives. We now have an opportunity to rebound and innovate in ways that allow us to emerge even stronger than before. After…

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silver lining

Silver Lining

It is with love and compassion that my heart goes out to all those who are suffering from the COVID-19 virus; people who have lost loved ones to the pandemic; courageous souls offering essential services to care for the sick, keep food coming, and keep our world in motion; and the many volunteers and Earth…

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